Neolapis was founded by Lucio Dotto in 1993. It was founded having precise aims of research and design. The research, in the sphere of the professional activity of the founder, has always been carried out following two main directions: the human dimension and the needs of the individual; the study of the cultures of the past, considering them in the continuity of the knowledge and in the affinity of the spirit. Lucio Dotto, who graduated in architecture at the University of Venice, has been carrying on an intense design activity, in the field of interior and industrial design in Italy and abroad for more than 20 years. In the following pages we will talk about Neolapis planning procedure and working method; we will show some projects carried out in Italy as well as abroad, which have been managed and supervised by Neolapis. These projects are described and explained by Lucio Dotto. This editorial initiative has been promoted because after 20 years of activity, we now think it is the right time to do a retrospective analysis and to get to an interpretative and valuational assessment of the intellectual works developed in the sector of the design and of the design applied to architecture and communication; we do not want to display biographical notes or the story of the professional activity, but just to show the methodological continuity in relation to the project. This continuity requires a deep knowledge of the technical instruments of the planning code, from the idea to the realization; it is interesting, in this code, the leading or maieutic function, which is the critical one, as well as the function that plays as mediator between people and buildings. Moreover we can not ignore that the planning activity can not set aside the disturbing metamorphose, which has universal dimensions and which affects our time.
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