Our projects are always led by a deep academic aspect and by a remarkable and advanced historical research. Anyway historical research does not mean, for us, neither to trap the fulfilments in a notion about “style”, nor to pervade the projects with fragments of history, but to realize big living spaces that would be able to recover the intimate life and the human dimension. “Il Gentil’Homo grande utilità e consolatione caverà dalle case di villa, dove il tempo si passa in vedere e ornare le sue possessioni, e... dove finalmente l’animo stanco delle agitazioni delle città prenderà molto restauro e consolazione” (Andrea Palladio). As this spirit was masterfully interpreted by the best workmen of the time, (infact from the 16th to the 18th century carpenters, engravers, gilders, upholsterers, glassmakers, mirror makers, cooperating with the best architects, they all contributed to the hundreds of houses that cover the Venetian inland), in the same way we try nowadays, through our projects but also in products or pieces of furnishing related to the contemporary art or in productions aimed for the big series, to make live again the feeling, the research and the fervent activity that made the masterpieces that are surronding us become a reference point for the world culture. The same planning method is used in the fulfilment of the single project as well as in the big complex, through our sensibility and a high dialogue with the craftmen and the companies that cooperate to the realization of the works. The project, this way, does not remain just a symbolic expression, but it takes shape through the ability, the activity, the culture and the human values which are proper of every single person. And the enchantment of a new work comes to life again: through the sensibility of all the people that contribute to its fulfilment, it takes shape in perfect balance with the historical dimension that has determined it and the technological projection that takes it to its realization.
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