In the following pages we present a series of fulfilments built in different parts of the world. It is a review, even if it is incomplete, that shows the planning philosophy of Neolapis. The quality of the final product does not depend only on the creative expression and on the own style of the single person, but it is produced by a procedure bound to the contribution of numberless collaborators. This contribution is connected to their talent, their intelligence, their value, their abilities. Without any doubt, the features of every project are the result of the stylistic and formal expression of the planner, but the final result is guaranteed only by a multidisciplinary approach through which the sensibility of the individual is mediated by a sharp dialogue with the collaborators. Only this way the magic and the wonders of a new work come to life, through a vivacious and intense planning awareness of all those people that take part to the realization of the work itself. After more than 20 years of activity in the area of the planning, of the design and of the communication we have promoted this initiative with the unique aim to show the methodological continuity in relation to the project. It is a continuity that requires a deep knowledge of the technical instruments and of the planning code from the idea of the project to the realization of it.
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