Sometimes it could happen that the interior decoration project becomes a real and true communication project; the family logo, properly studied and on the same wavelenght as the prestige and the activity of the family to which the project is destined, can find a lot of applications: on silverware, linen, jewels as well as on the label for wine bottles or on the “ex libris”, etc. Everything can be personalized.
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AA - Cadmo e armonia - Neolapis.jpg Al Redentor - Neolapis.jpg Al Redentor Logo - Neolapis.jpg Logo su servizio piatti - Neolapis.jpg Madona de la Nef - Biglietto 1 - Neolapis.jpg Madona de la Nef - Biglietto 2 - Neolapis.jpg Madona de la Nef - Busta - Neolapis.jpg Madona de la Nef - Carta - Neolapis.jpg Madona de la Nef - Logo - Neolapis.jpg O logo - Neolapis.jpg O logo1 - Neolapis.jpg O logo2 - Neolapis.jpg Piatti Sole - Neolapis.jpg RV - Carta intestata - Neolapis.jpg Rizzetto - Logo - Neolapis.jpg Saint Tropez - Still-life bagno - Neolapis.jpg Saint-Tropez - Bagno - Neolapis.jpg Saint-Tropez - Logo - Neolapis.jpg Smart back - Neolapis.jpg Smart front - Neolapis.jpg Tema - Neolapis.jpg Tessuto per libro - Neolapis.jpg Tipo Libro - Neolapis.jpg

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